Try out a new Xmas tradition: beer tree!

Planning an epic Christmas party this year and want a new way to make it more awesome? We here at MDC love the idea of reusing and recycling and we can’t think of a more fun way to do both than this DIY Christmas tree.

Beer Bottle tree 1


Here’s what you need:

Beer (At least 56 bottles of beer on the wall to make the small version of the above picture. Preferably in green bottles like Heineken or Grolsh)

Beer drinking friends (Because no one person can drink 56 bottles of beer. And please don’t take that as a challenge.)

Cardboard (How about ordering a few pizzas and using the box’s? See what I did there?)

Glue (Not superglue…beer and superglue will equal fail)

Sissors (Cause sharp implements and drinking always works out. You might want to cut these before you drink 56 beers)

A childlike sense of wonder (After 56 beers, this is pretty easy. Soooo shiny!)


1. Drink beer and eat pizza. Probably the best step one to any project….ever.  Rinse each bottle after emptying.

2.Cut  5 circles out of cardboard. The first tier will hold 30 beers in a circle. The second 15, the third 7, the fourth 3 and the last just 1 bottle of beer.  If you want to get fancy (and I know you do) use one of those big cardboard box’s you’ve received in the mail, wrap it in Christmas paper and use it as the base of your tree.

3. Glue the bottom of your bottles to the cardboard, glue cardboard to the tops to add the next tier.

4. Add some zazz’ with Christmas lights.

5.Gather your ugly sweater-wearing, beer drinking friends beside your masterpiece and take a picture. The more terrible, the better. (tip: make sure at least someone’s eyes are closed and someone’s mouth is open.)

6. Save your image as either blackmail or for your Christmas invitations for next year.


Instant classic. Now go; drink and be merry. And crafty.