Need Superbowl Plans?


If you’re looking for a few options for this years super bowl, here’s a few. 

Super bowl party at the copper still, 5:00 PM

Super bowl Party at the American Legion, 5:00 PM.  50 cent wing and happy hour prices.  

We’ll let you know if we hear of any other super bowl parties in the pan handle.  Share the love and add some here that you know of. 


5 course meal w/wine selection at the Clarion 1/31

     Escape the cold and join us for a fun evening of great food, wine, and maybe even a little bit of knowledge as we tempt your taste buds with a five course meal and four hand picked wines!  The evening will begin at 7:00pm at the Tuscany Grille Restaurant located on the first floor of the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center in Shepherdstown, WV.  We will have an appetizer table offering assorted sliced meats, assorted cheeses and fresh vegetables served with assorted dips and crackers.  Then the served meal begins with a creamy butternut squash soup followed by a seafood and rice croquet finished with saffron aioli.  The second course features a chicken roulade with spinach and three cheeses wrapped with apple wood bacon served on a bed of sauteed mushrooms with a grilled vegetable gratin.  After a palate cleansing sorbet, we will be serving the main course, a smothered braised beef medallion finished with a tri-color holy trinity demi glace with sides of rosemary roasted potatoes and French style green beans with onions.  The meal concludes with a decadent Ghirardelli chocolate torte finished with a fresh berry slurry.  The best part?  Four of the courses will be paired with carefully selected wines by Mark Coats of Martin’s Distributing.  All this for the price of $48.00 per person. 

To Make Reservations Please Call



side by side cider review

Ok, I know we’ve been talking a lot about cider on here for a while. But to me, nothing tastes more like winter time than this delicious apple beverage. So to all you cider newbies out there that are curious and aren’t sure which cider is right for them; this blog is for you. Please keep in mind, this is the opinion of one person. Feel free to disagree or agree in the comment section.


Today we will be discussing Angry Orchard, Woodchuck and Redds Apple Ale.  As you can see, these ciders are quite diverse visually. Redds resembles a fancy beer; Angry Orchard looks like something Tim Burton dreamed up and Woodchuck is simple and classic. But when you get them out of the bottle, you’d be hard pressed to see a difference. Oh, but there is. Lets start with the smell. Woodchuck smells of sweet apples and apple juice; very pleasant. Angry Orchard smells less sweet, a bit sour but not unpleasant. Redds Apple Ale doesn’t smell sweet in the slightest and the smell (IMO) is not pleasant. Keep in mind, I’m a cider traditionalist and like my ciders to smell of apples. Redds did not and thus didn’t do it for me in the bouquet department. I know, I know! Who cares about the smell? Your question is more likely “how does it taste?” And here is where the ciders show that they have more differences than similarities.

Woodchuck is very traditional. It smells and tastes like apples. Both good signs for a cider traditionalist like myself. My only gripe is that it is a bit too sweet for me. I can’t drink more than two of these. But those two will go down well and taste like desert.

Redds is being advertised as a cider, but in my opinion it really isn’t. It has almost no sweetness. There is a light, very slight apple flavor that only shows up as an aftertaste. If you are trying this for the first time and take a big swig expecting a cider, you’ll have a rude awakening ahead. It tastes more like a light beer and less like a cider. Which is fine, as long as you aren’t expecting the sweet, apple nectar of the gods. It’s a nice change up from your regular beer.  But it’s still not a cider.

Admittedly, the Angry Orchard artwork most appeals to me out of the three. It just looks cool. I wanted to like it best. Fortunately, it did not disappoint. Sweet but not too sweet with a strong apple flavor. The aftertaste doesn’t linger into sourness. Not too bubbly, not too dry. I felt like a goldfish drinking this. Every new drink I would audibly “MMMMM’ like I had completely forgotten it’s magical flavor.  It is the clear winner for me out of the three.

so here’s the less wordy cliffnotes:

Redds Apple Ale: For the beer drinker looking for something different. For people who don’t like sweet beverages. For people who want to like cider, but actually don’t. This is the cider for you.

Woodchuck: For the casual drinker who only wants a drink or possibly two. For people who like sweet, fruity drinks. For people who don’t like beer much but are sick of wine coolers and flavored beverages. Try this one at your next get together.

Angry Orchard: For people who like sweet but not too sweet beverages. For people who enjoy a crisp, fresh apple flavor. For people who like cider but want to actually have more than 1 or 2. This is the cider for you.

Welp, that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed this short cider review. I hope to do more of these in the future. Taste tests are fun! Try your own this weekend and see what your findings are.

1/24 Apothic Wine Tasting


Come on down to Weis in Ranson on Friday, January 24th and treat yourself to a sampling of Apothic wines.  Sure, the bottle is attractive but  if you’ve ever wondered if it tasted as good as it looked, now’s your chance to find out. Accompanying refreshments of cheese and crackers will be served. The wine tasting will be held from 4-7 pm. Do yourself a favor and stop by.