Halloween Party this weekend

Looking to get your spooky on this weekend? There will be a halloween costume party at the Patriot Grill on October 26. Prizes for best costume; 1st place; $75, 2nd place, $50; 3rd place $25. Drink specials, games and Dj/karaoke.


Also on October 26th, Country Roads is hosting it’s annual halloween bash. Party starts at 8 and there will be cash prizes for best costume ($100), more original ($50) and bartenders choice ($25). So go make nice with the bartender and eat some roast pig.



MDC is not affiliated with these establishments, we’re simply passing on the party info.


Tough Mudder is back! October 19th and 20th

Hey kids! Looking for a challenge? Like boot camp on steroids kind of challenge? Well then, there’s still time to sign up for this falls Tough Mudder. What’s Tough Mudder you say? In my opinion it’s a new twist on the classic punishment/reward system.  You complete a mud filled 10-12 mile obstacle course complete with (and I kid you not) 10,000 volts of shocking electricity and then you get your reward; a high five, orange headband and an ice cold Dos Equis Beer. And of course bragging rights.  I personally know people who will want to do this (and maybe I’m being a gigantic girl here) but I could think of easier ways to get a Dos Equis. There will be $2.50 Dos Equis all through town and that’s how I’m going to play it: as a spectator. I’m accident prone enough as it is without an obstacle course standing in the way of my beer.

Mosey on down to the TM site and see for yourself.