Sunset Hills Vineyard; Local winery goes green


Image provided by the Sunset Hills Vineyard Facebook page.

If the thought of green wine sounds like a St. Paddy’s prank gone wrong, think again! No, the wine’s not actually green but the method of making the wine sure enough is. Sunset Hills Vineyard (located in Loudoun County, VA) is making us proud with their eco-friendly approach to wine making.  Much like us at MDC, Sunset Hills has harnessed the power of the sun to keep their vineyard functioning with an impressive 154 solar panels.  Instead of fighting nature for control,  they work with Mother Nature’s quirky yet predictable behavior to achieve the desired results while subsequently lowering their carbon footprint at the same time.

“All farmers and vintners rely on the weather – and the sun in particular – for the quality of their crops,” says owner Mike Canney. “It makes sense to me to take it one step farther and to power our winery operations via the sun, as well.”

They go on to further benefit from the natural agrarian flow by dry farming and using cold weather and underground storage for cooling. It seems like a no-brainer to us.  The question remains; why aren’t more people doing it?  It’s 2013:  Shouldn’t we all be living and working responsibly, not to mention tooling around in our garbage powered flying cars by now? Great Scott! All kidding aside, it’s mind boggling how such an archaic  idea like using the natural flow of the earth actually turned out to be the forward thinking of the future.  It’s not regressing if we had it right the first time.

Check it out here. It’s actually pretty fascinating and I hear the wine’s no slouch either.


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